I’m Susie Darin,

I’ve been teaching Yoga for more than twenty-five years, but I still remember having difficulty even spreading my toes in my very first class. I love the paradox of how Yoga both energizes and calms, and was hooked from that first class.

As my practice developed, I discovered the joy of Yoga props, which can help support you while you fully learn and experience a pose. I have incorporated props into my teaching which allow me to customize my instruction to meet each student where they are.

I begin each private session by talking with students about their goals and restrictions on that particular day. No two sessions are the same!

For more information on receiving private instruction, go here.

Another focus of my teaching is in breaking down each pose so that students can deepen their understanding of the focus and intent of what we are doing. On this site, I provide you with videos that discuss and demonstrate specific poses. Below is an introduction that gives you a preview of my videos.